Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

These are reviews from our students and parents. Thank you very much for all your kind words and support.

tessa ‎ - Sep 6, 2011 (5/5 stars)

My ten year old son spent a week with Tony this summer in archery camp and thoroughly enjoyed it. My son and Tony seemed to click the first day. The group was very small, five students, so that Tony could provide personal attention to each student. The camp was three hours each day and my son didn't want to leave and begged to arrive early each day. Now he is taking weekly lessons with Tony on week-ends and loves the art of archery. Tony is patient and encouraging and truly teaches the students the very fine details of the sport. My sons works hard at it, and also enoys the quiet tranquility. He says its a nice balance to sports like soccer and basketball. Tony is the kind of teacher who seems to bring out the best in his students which results in dedication, concentration,discipline and enjoyment simultaneously.

monica C ‎ - Aug 22, 2011 (5/5 stars)

A great positive experience for my daughters! They did an Archery camp this summer with Tony Ng and I was immediately impressed with his passion, dedication and knowledge of the sport not to mention the top notch equipment the kids were learning on. He knows his craft well and has a very keen eye recognizing all the little nuances in correcting their form using a non-invasive, supportive manner. He corrected one thing at a time not overwhelming them while giving them plenty of feedback on what they were doing correct. The kids had fun but also learned a lot during the week. They're staying with Tony for regular lessons preparing for their first tournament. I was most impressed with him as a teacher/coach with how he directs/teaches each student to fit their individual learning cookie-cutter method here. My daughters like the fact the classes are very small and they get the attention with questions they have. Tony is also extremely informative and graciously answers all of my questions as a parent. I will be signing up to take lessons too soon!

Cat Stevans ‎ - Jun 29, 2011 (5/5 stars)

I started taking archery classes from Tony 3 months ago. I have never been happier with that decision. I've always wanted to learn the sport and the art of archery, and with Tony, every session I receive both. His teaching style is mellow and very informative, both of which I like. I would highly recommend Cupid's Gate and Tony to anyone.

rick ‎ - Mar 24, 2011 (5/5 stars)

I am in my 60's and have always fantasized of taking archery lessons. 6 weeks ago (at last), I started lessons with Tony (at Cupid's Gate) and am so thrilled with his teaching and the passion I am feeling for this sport. He knows how and when to inject more info and insight into my development for positive results. I am having a good time with lots of smiles. I always look forward to the the next lesson and it always leaves me with good feelings and insights. He is a gem of an archery teacher. Highly recommended.

Ian S. ‎ - Mar 14, 2011 (5/5 stars)

I only have great things to say about Cupid's Gate. The quality of instruction is excellent and Tony is dedicated to sharing his passion for the sport and helping each student develop. Students have access to top quality equipment and great facilities. Beyond learning the basics of archery, I have also been introduced to a wonderful community of archers in the Bay Area. Highly recommended!

jose - Nov 7, 2010 (5/5 stars)

archery lessons Hi! I have been taking archery lessons for around 2 months. I can´t say anything else but amazing things about this. I found archery as my passion. Tony, the instructor is an excellent guy, both, as a teacher and as a person. If you have kids interested or if you are an adult looking for archery lessons... go with Tony, he is the best and he will make you passionated about this sport...I am looking forward my next lessons!!!!!!! thanks Tony! Jose

Shari - Oct 29, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Brilliant Instructor I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Tony and I always look forward to each one. I have a high-stress job and this sport has offered me a great way to relax; it is fantastic! The lessons are rewarding and fun. I researched many other instructors and programs before settling on Tony and it paid off. He is a tremendous instructor who is very patient and very personable, important qualities to possess when teaching. Tony is very passionate and highly knowledgeable and skilled in the sport of archery. His method of teaching/coaching keeps me motivated and enthusiastic. His coaching is always personalized, even if you are not the only student present. Tony always goes the extra mile to ensure you have an outstanding lesson. Take archery lessons from Tony, you will be glad you did!

Sep 13, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Gifted instructor I wanted to give a unique birthday gift to my boyfriend and find an activity he could share with my twelve year old son. We did the intro session and have continued weekly with Tony. He has been incredible with my son and the boyfriend enjoys him just as much, if not more. Tony is a natural teacher and every bit of advice he shares is useful and individualized to each student. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a skilled teacher who is so patient and easygoing. We look forward to our weekly sessions with Tony. We highly recommend him to anyone interested in archery!

Lucy ‎ - Aug 17, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Quality Archery Coach We just moved to SF over this summer and my son began archery lessons with Tony. My son is beginning high school this fall and has previously dabbled in archery but only in a recreational capacity. 1. Tony has a way of teaching that keeps my son motivated. 2. Tony is good at analyzing my son's form and technique. 3. Tony is very good at communicating with me, the parent. 4. Tony is a genius at follow up - including videos of the lessons emailed the very same evening, or videos of archery competitions as reference, etc 5. Tony's passion and respect for this sport is contagious. 6. I especially appreciate that Tony tries hard to accommodate our crazy schedule.

Aug 15, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Excellent Coach in Archery My daughter took interest in archery this summer as a beginner and we are really fortunate to find Tony as the coach. We signed up for the beginner's session (3) and one week of summer camp, and some additional sessions as my daughter asked for more training with Tony. We are completely satisfied with Tony's instruction in each and every session! Tony is very easy to work with -- all the communication and scheduling are done via email. He is dependable – always at the archery range with setting up and preparation completed before the scheduled time. He is flexible -- always find a way to accommodate our plan. One thing I like best is that Tony provided me video recording of my daughter's shooting right after each session along with a short report of her progress and homework assignment, such as instruction for strength exercise, links to the videos of archery games from the professionals, etc. Tony has a genuine passion for archery and he motivates his student (like my daughter) with his passion, his deep knowledge for the sport, and his unique and patient coaching style. His coaching is precise, tailored to the capability/condition of the individual student, but not at all overwhelming to a beginner. During each session, Tony carefully observed the student's shooting, found the problem and solution in time so that the student makes progress accordingly. He has done such a wonderful job that my daughter has felt that she has made an important achievement this summer. My daughter is not at all a sport type of person and this is the first sport that she has asked for more training, enjoyed the sessions, and had fun, even after the 5-day-with-3-hour-each-day summer camp. Thanks to Tony, my daughter will most likely continue playing archery. I strongly recommend Tony to anyone who is interested in playing archery.

Wilson ‎ - Jul 12, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Awesome I have shot archery previously in indoor ranges at archery shops. The instruction there is bare bone and the equipment was basic. Instead of buying the beginner kit a shop tried to sell me, I decided to take the lessons from Tony first. He has quality equipment that is tailored to my physical characteristics and he gave me instructions that was appropriate to my level of skill. He was clear, direct but patient with his directions, never overwhelming with too much teaching at once. He also shot videos of my shooting which is very helpful. I've seen him with other students and it's always individualized. I have made significant improvement over the first 3 lessons thanks to him. Tony has pretty flexible schedule and he is always on time. His equipments are ones that someone who is seriously thinking about archery as a hobby would need to buy, but a store would be unlikely to let you try. I'm glad that I spent the money on his beginner's lessons (3)--it's about the same as a beginner (wooden) kit from a store, but in the long run, a better investment. He will always give you tips on buying your equipment. Oh, it's cash only, but I trust him 100%

Robert - Jul 9, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Excellent coach I met Tony a month ago when my 8 year old son and I wanted to learn and practice archery. The experience has been excellent. Over the course of three lessons Tony has coached us into the right form and technique. His rare combination of deep technical expertise, passion for the sport, coaching skills and personality are unmatchable. He taught my son and I side by side while varying his coaching technique to suit each of us. He is passionate but not overbearing. He explains things in mutiple ways to find the one that resonates with each student. That was important for us because we are new to the sport. He has instilled his passion in us. We are excited to continue our archery journey with him. I highly recommend working with Tony.

Jul 1, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Capable and Dependable I've had the pleasure of working with Tony Ng through an after-school program here in Larkspur. Tony is always early to set up. We've only cancelled one class, and that was weather/safety related. Tony is thorough in his class preparation and presentation, and he rolls with whatever last-minute changes we may have to spring upon him. He is highly qualified and a pleasure to work with.

Jun 29, 2010 (5/5 stars)

A True Professional If there's one thing I've learned about coaches through many years of various sports, it is recognizing a coach that is true to his sport as well as to his work ethic with that sport. Coach Ng definitely has these qualities. He is very observant and though he is teaching you, it doesn't seem like he's forcing you and all the while you are getting better! Not only is he an expert Archer, he wants that for you as well, and it shows with his dedication and persistence to make quality shooters of his students. One thing that puts Coach Ng above the rest is his belief that he can (and will!) make you a better Archer. In fact, he is so dedicated to this that he has top of the line equipment for students to use. I am fortunate to have found Cupid's Gate and Coach Ng's instruction! I would just like to say thank you for some great Archery lessons, Coach Ng!

LCC Jacklyn ‎ - Jun 28, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Best archery coach I've found Tony Ng at Cupid's Gate Archery is simply the best archery coach I've ever known. Not that I've had many but my past forays into the sport taught me some bad habits by other, less knowledgeable instructors. Fortunately Tony was GREAT at helping me get on the right path and I can't believe how quickly I've progressed under his direction! Not only is he passionate about the sport of archery (he teaches the type they do in the Olympics) but he really knows what he's doing and has a way of making it feel challenging yet easy and comfortable for me. I am SO happy to have learned so much in such a short time from Tony - thank you!!!

Buddhi - Jun 22, 2010 (5/5 stars)

A very knowledgeable coach I had done a bit of archery a few years ago in Sri Lanka from where I am from and was a beginner archer. When I moved to California I was looking to start archery again after a lapse of several years but I didn't have the equipment nor the knowledge to start it from scratch. So I searched online and came across Cupids archery and through their website I contacted Tony Ng and told him my problem. I am glad I did ! Tony asked me to come round to the park the next weekend and let me shoot from his state of the art equipment. He was so helpful and generous with advice and soon he was correcting my mistakes I didn't even know I had. I started taking coaching from him and since then my shooting form and my enthusiasm in the sport has only improved more and more. Tony has a knack for observing you while you shoot and finding every minute little error that you do. He never shoots when he is coaching and he gives you his undivided attention and continuously fixes your mistakes and praises you when you do things right. One of his techniques is to record you while you shoot and show you what you are doing wrong so you could see for yourself what he means. whether you are a beginner archer like I am or some one with experience trying to correct his mistakes and improve form, Tony will happily help you with his very helpful advice that hits the nail. I recently got my own equipment and Tony was instrumental in advising me on the best equipment to buy with his years of experience. Not every good archer can teach well but Tony certainly is as good an archer as he is a great and knowledgeable coach.

Maria - Jun 22, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Tony rocks as an instructor! My 13-year-old daughter got a hankering to learn archery this summer, so we looked around for a place where she could learn, and by great fortune, we found Cupid's Gate, and particularly, Tony Ng. Within minutes of the first lesson, I could tell he was the perfect instructor for her. They clicked immediately. He is patient, respectful, motivating, kind, and takes the sport seriously, but not so seriously that he scares away new students. She has done four lessons with him so far, and she keeps meeting his increasing expectations. She loves it. She is already using a heavier bow, moving farther back, and her form is really improving each time. He instinctively knows when to offer his coaching expertise and when to stand back and let her practice. He teaches in a way that is really easy for her to understand. And something really nice is that he takes a video of some of her shots (or whatever they're called) on his Flip camera, and sends us a very well put together video of what she has done -- complete with music! She watches it and learns from seeing herself what she is doing well with and what she can improve on. He also sends her links to videos of Olympians and others to see their forms. It is very inspirational for her. And she always looks forward to her lessons! Since my daughter started, there have been archery camps from another completely separate organization going on several targets away. The difference between what they are doing and what Tony has my daughter doing is night and day. Because of Tony, my daughter is starting out learning the right form, and is strong, and focused. The children at the camp did not seem to have this. The form is not being worked on much, and I can see that once bad habits are engrained it is hard to break them. Tony will start you/your child out on the right foot, and that is invaluable. If you want a teacher who will inspire you to do your best, and give you the coaching you'll need to get there, look no further than Tony!

Venomiss ‎ - Feb 16, 2010 (5/5 stars)

Archery Intruction Far Beyond My Expectations I received my introduction into the world of archery through Cupid's Gate and I can't imagine how much time I've saved. With Tony Ng's instruction, I made Master Bowman in the first three classes! As a fitness instructor myself, I know how much time one can waste learning to do something the wrong way. I am so grateful that I had the expert instruction from the very beginning so I will not learn any bad habits and will move forward at an accelerated pace. The community is so welcoming and fun to hang out with. Can't wait to see these guys every Saturday!

Vien- Jun 12, 2009 (5/5 stars)

Promoting archery while providing excellent skill training Although I have only been shooting with Cupid's Gate Archery since a few months ago, I feel like I have been able to make amazing progress in my archery game. The people are warm, friendly, like to joke around, and make you feel really comfortable around them. I don't know about the future, but since there are not too many students currently, you can almost always schedule ahead of time when you want to rent a bow and practice your skills. Their equipment is also for the serious archer, not the cheap wooden bows that you'd find at kid parties. All in all, it is a great place to learn the sport of archery. Highly recommended.

(5/5 stars) by Martha


If you ever wanted to take archery lessons or enhance your knowledge of archery, I just wanted everyone to know what a great instructor Tony Ng of Cupid's Archery is!! I think one of the reasons it's because Tony is not only an expert archer and a very thorough instructor, but he truly enjoys sharing his sport with others. After your first lesson, you will definitely be hooked by his enthusiasm and by this amazing sport.

(5/5 stars) by Rachel


Training with Tony and the other members of the Cupid's Gate Archery team has been one of the most positive experiences I've ever had. Within only a few lessons, Tony had me pulling a heavier bow from a longer distance and he continues to push me with encouragement and humor. It has become a weekly meditative treat for me.I would highly recommend Cupid's Gate for anyone with an interest in archery and the cost is very reasonable.

(5/5 stars) by Julia S


I highly recommend Cupids Gate Archery and Tony Ng to anyone who is interested in archery whether you are a beginner or an experienced archer who is looking to improve their form. Tony has a special gift for teaching. He explains things in a way that inspire me to think about the way I move and control my body in a whole new and exciting way. Tony is a patient and attentive teacher. He does not overload each session to the point where you leave feeling frustrated rather he works with you at your current level so out of each lesson you learn and develop your skill and technique and feel a sense of accomplishment and improvement. Tony is very professional and well prepared and works hard to make each lesson valuable for his students. I am very grateful to have found Tony and I look forward to working with him and reaching my potential.

(5/5 stars) by melissa


I have had an excellent experience with Cupid's Gate Archery. Tony is a great teacher with excellent communication and observation skills. He is adept in gauging the physical and mental abilities of his students which allows him to adjust the lesson to esuit each individual. For a beginner such as myself, Tony’s teaching style allows you to jump right in with little frustration. I highly recommend the 3 lesson introductory course. It is a good value and the best way to introduce yourself to the sport. In fact, I enjoyed my 3 lessons so much that I continued taking lessons with Tony regularly. Tony uses state of the art equipment and teaching tools. He is professional and a pleasure to work with. You will not be disappointed with Cupid’s Gate. Enjoy!

(5/5 stars) by navigatematt


My son started with a very superficial interest in archery and almost 1 full year later he was ready to compete in a tournament. I wouldn't say this could happen in every situation, but if you apply yourself mentally and attend regular lessons with Tony Ng it could be accomplished. Tony Ng has a real passion for archery and a real skill for instructing. His knowledge for current techniques and methods are on par with those at the olympic training center in Chula Vista, CA. He continues to shoot and compete himself which keeps him informed and aware of new trends, technology and events. Tony provides all this to his students at a very reasonable price. As an instructor he is able to work with different levels of interest and encourage someone when he sees their potential without being overbearing. I can't express how much we appreciate him and are grateful to have found such a wonderful coach / instructor for our son who never had an interest in sports until archery.

(5/5 stars) by Tom


It has been a great pleasure studying archery with Tony Ng. He is an excellent instructor in every respect -- technical knowledge of the equipment, knowledge of archery as a competitive sport, and, knowledge of his students. Tony is very attentive to every detail. He points out the slightest thing that one would otherwise never have noticed and yet it will be the precise detail that makes a real difference in one's performance. He also has an excellent sense of when the student is ready to move on, so one's progress is quite measured, appropriate and comfortable. At the same time, the sessions are very enjoyable given Tony's patience and generosity as an instructor. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

(5/5 stars) by Hung Quach


Tony's an excellent instructor and I would definitely recommend him to my family and to my friends. I've had many instructors in my life and so I'm able to tell the difference between a good one and a bad one. A good instructor pays attention to detail. He notices all the little things that you are doing wrong and doesn't let you get away with them. Tony does this. He is able to discern the mistakes I make, even little ones, and points them out to me....again and again...until I fix them. At the same time, I could tell Tony's an experienced teacher. He doesn't over-teach and give too many corrections at one time. I make LOTS of mistakes, over and over again(!), but I noticed that he only focuses on the major ones first. Once I've corrected those, then he'll go after my minor infractions. Tony also knows his stuff. He knows what he's talking about and it's clear this isn't just a job to him. He sincerely cares about the sport of archery and it shows. He's compassionate about archery, and sometimes it's fun to see him get all excited about a particular topic. He's also a kind and patient teacher. Also, the bows/arrows/other-equipment he uses in his classes are very nice. I remember observing one of his students shooting, and thinking: "Wow, that kid's got money! His bow looks way expensive." Then I realized that's the bow that Tony uses as standard equipment in his lessons. I'm finished with my 3 lessons and had a great time. I'm going to get my own bow, practice some, then get more lessons from Tony. He's a way cool instructor, and if you have any interest in archery but haven't tried it yet, you should definitely start with Tony.

(5/5 stars) by Stephen


I have been working with Tony / Cupid's Gate for a few months now had have been extremely impressed. As a beginner, I had some reservations about jumping into the world of archery and was certainly unsure how to start. I found Cupid's Gate through an internet search, made the call, and am happy I did. Working with Tony has been a positive experience. His directions are clear and concise, and with his help I have progressed rapidly. Tony is a true advocate for the sport and is a great first stop for anyone interested in pursuing archery. On top of that where Tony goes a community seems to follow. This community is full of other supportive and encouraging archers who look forward to the opportunity to share their hard earned knowledge with each other and the fledgling beginner.

    • 5/5 stars

  • Keaton C. "TheAvidArcher"

December 17, 2009

I had the chance to visit Tony's class and was immediately greeted by smiles. Even before talking with him I could tell that he was doing a great job because it showed through his students. They were all acting very responsibly by listening for range commands (ex. they were all eager to shoot but remained patient and waited for the all clear command), shooting very well (many of them had amazing groups on the target), and having a great time (obvious by the many big smiles). After the session the students all thanked Tony for the great classes and were eager for next year's session to start. When I did get a chance to talk with Tony it was really neat to hear how much he cared for the students and how proud he was of their accomplishments. All of them had worked hard and earned various JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) pins to commemorate their achievements (ex. a blue pin for shooting a 200/300). He is always eager to learn more about archery (he is also a passionate archer himself) and to expand his teaching skills for his students' benefit. So definitely check out Cupid's Gate Archery and make a friend in archery. ^__^

    • 5/5 stars

  • Mariellen Stern

November 13, 2009

I recently enrolled my son into an 8 week archery program conducted by Tony NG of Cupids Gate Archery. My son loved it! He is confidnet and also becoming more focused. He will continue to learn archery and start competing in local tournaments. Thanks to Tony for being an excellent instructor and friend to my son.

    • 5/5 stars

  • Dick Whitley

November 12, 2009

Cupids Gate Archery's instructor, Tony Ng, is a terrific asset to our after school program. He's patient, very knowledgeable, and willing to work with us. He arrives early for classes, gets the range set up, and has a terrific attitude.

    • 5/5 stars

  • Matthew David

November 06, 2009

We were so glad to have found Cupids Gate Archery for our 11 year old son. He took to the sport very quickly, with insightful and motivational instruction. Tony Ng has a real gift for Archery and for the instruction of Archery. These two abilities don't always go hand in hand, but with Tony is seems so natural. He meets the student at their beginning level and carefully coaches them on the professional technique that Tony practices to this day. He gives enough time to instruct and to apply what has been taught. He is always generous with his time and praise.

This has been a very positive experience for our son.

    • 5/5 stars

  • Mary Bryan

November 05, 2009

My son's first experience with archery was with Tony, and after three introductory lessons, he is hooked. Tony is a professional in every sense of the word. Tony is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and skilled. More importantly, he is a wonderful instructor. Tony is very clear in his instruction and very patient. He focuses on early success, making his students feel accomplished and proud of their efforts. All around great guy who I would highly recommend.

    • 5/5 stars

  • dante

October 24, 2009

Tony is a great archery teacher-- which apparently is quite difficult to find in sf.

    • 5/5 stars

  • Vien

October 19, 2009

When I started archery I knew nothing. zero, zip, nada. Unbelievably enough, sticking around with Tony and the guys from Cupid's Gate Archery for just three months, I was able to get so much done. From my form to recommendations on equipment, to invitations to go to shooting tournaments (granted I have yet to participate in one, but it's coming!), etc. you'll learn a lot in a very quick amount of time, get a bunch of different viewpoints on shooting techniques and insider tips, all so that you can really find your own middle ground and flesh out your own personal routine. Plus, you can't find equipment of this high quality anywhere else for beginners.

    • 4/5 stars

  • Kirk

October 15, 2009

Tony is a good instructor with a good program in Cupids Gate Archery. I'm the kind of person who likes to dive in and start with the "pure" and "core" elements of a sport or hobby - no shortcuts. Tony is a perfect match for this kind of student. He's a purist who's in love with the sport, and a nice guy too.

    • 5/5 stars

  • S Robinson

October 15, 2009

Tony Ng is a wonderful archery instructor! Both my 9 year old son and I are taking lessons with him. Neither of us had any prior experience to speak of and he brought us up to speed in just a few lessons. He is equally adept at instructing adults as well as children. My son was thrilled to earn his first JOAD pin last week! Tony is extremely conscientious and patient. He brings all the equipment to my backyard, sets it up and off we go. He's even very good natured about the occasional wayward arrow that misses the target and goes into the bushes! Also, he is an extremely accomplished archer, competing regularly on a national level, so he really knows the sport extremely well. All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend Tony to anyone interested in getting into archery or just improving their skills.

May 4, 2011 5:20 PM

Cupid's Gate Archery with Tony is an excellent way to learn olympic style archery. He has the experience and knowledge of this sport. His teaching style is always clear, encouraging, and wonderful in its pacing. Starting equipment is of great quality. I recommend Tony and Cupid's Gate archery highly.

Apr 30, 2011 9:43 AM

I really enjoy taking classes from Tony. His is a positive coach that has a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill that he enthusiastically shares with his students. He has a very systematic way of teaching that has provided me with a basis for establishing a solid form. I particularly like the way that each part is practiced before moving onto the next and I never felt overwhelmed with too much information at once.

Apr 27, 2011 2:41 PM

Tony is an excellent archery coach. He is qualified and trained to teach new students and Olympic hopefulls alike. His patient personality is perfect for a sport that requires patience to master the form. Both my 8 year old son and I enjoy working with Tony.

Apr 26, 2011 8:21 AM

Very encouraging for someone with an interest in Olympic Recurve Archery. Tony spends a lot of time teaching the most current techniques to his students and customizes the instruction to the personality. This can be a wonderful experience for a young person, but it helps if they have discipline to analyze their own performance. A student can rise quickly and progress to the level of a excellent archer with Tony, if this person can focus and practice.


Bernice W - Rated 5 stars for a reason! Cupid's Gate Archery is truly a professional, genuine institution for archers (both old and new) to partake in. Cupid's Gate resides in the graceful setting of Golden Gate Park topped off by such a comfortable environment and friendly community. It is truly ineffable to describe the passion, commitment, wisdom, and humor that Tony Ng encompasses as the head coach and as a person (the same goes for all the other coaches too!) Ineffable because I don't believe my words could do his teaching-style justice. The instructors are really quite amazing. Whether it be a problem in the grip, stance, back-tension, string-alignment, etc, the coaches all possess the talent to detect the student's problem immediately and fix it. Tony also utilizes the flip-camera in his teaching: Tony records ones shooting form + pointing out ones mistake(s) in the recording = Problem is fixed and one shoots better. Tony's passion for archery is truly inspiring and his care for all his students is as genuine as it is conspicuous. He even goes out of his way to set up further archery-developing opportunities for his students (i.e. organizing a workshop taught by USA Olympic Archery athlete Khatuna Lorig, organizing a workshop taught by regional coach Keaton Chia, who is connected with the Olympic Training Center and the Easton Foundation, and etc). If that's not passion I don't know what is. CGA is professional, dependable, and the list of praiseworthy but apt adjectives goes on and on. Whether your going to shoot for recreational or competitive purposes, Cupid's Gate Archery will leave you satisfied if not more. They know what their doing to say the least. Needless to say, I highly recommend Cupid's Gate Archery. See you at the range! (From a current Cupid Gate's Archery Team Member)


Jayde C - I started doing archery a little over a month ago with Tony Ng and I have come to love it more and more. I had never shot a bow before but Tony made it easy to understand and practice. He helps me find tools to practice at home and shares books on the subject. He also takes video of my shooting form so that I could view it after practice. Tony is a great coach, I couldn't ask for more. As someone mentioned before, the archery community is really awesome. Everyone is kind, welcoming and always willing to help you or give you advice. I recommend archery to all my friends. It's a great way to clear your mind, learn to focus, and get outdoors - I consider it my meditation.


Kaylm M - I was so pleased with the instruction Tony has provided my daughter for her archery lessons. He was very professional and although the sport was new to us, Tony was able to keep it exciting and fun, my daughter is always thrilled to come for her next lesson. I highly recommend Tony to anyone interested in this sport for his sensational techniques and his expertise on working with his students .


Sarah C - My 15 year old daughter received a three session archery class for Christmas. I found Tony Ng via a random search on the internet and decided to try his lessons after reading reviews. The experience has been fantastic. My daughter has learned to love the sport. Tony is a serious instructor. Extremely precise and informative ; but relaxed enough to make the lessons fun. A perfect combination.

We just learned the introductory lessons should be 1.5 hrs for a total of three sessions. I confused the duration of the lessons and for some reason thought they were two hours long. Tony never mentioned it. We owe him big time ! My daughter will be continuing to take lessons so we will rectify this. Highly recommended !


Kate H - I started with Tony a few months ago, with the introductory set of 3 classes. Pretty fun! Since then, I've been going once every week or two, renting equipment until I work up the physical strength to buy my own bow. They've been really good about letting me safely experiment (shooting from various distances), and providing feedback. Tony's been able to give a lot of good advice on buying my own equipment, too. I've really enjoyed my time here so far.


Kate L - AWESOME place to meet great people, enjoy a nice relaxing day and of course, learn archery.

New to the Bay Area and archery i found Cupid's right here. After a few email exchanges with Tony (the instructor, who's a great teacher and really patient) i started my first class. Since then I've improved greatly and made some new friends. There are people of all ages and skill levels so it's a great learning environment. If you're looking to learn, to complete or find a friendly group of archery enthusiast, Cupid's is the place!


Alan E - I attended the Cupid's Gate Archery tournament on the 9th of august and let me tell you these guy's did a great job. I go to shoots all over Californa and I think these guy's did a first class job. for such a reasonable entry fee they gave great trophys for first, second, and third and they feed you lunch, the food was awsome!!!!! and plenty of it, (my thanks again to all of the cooks.

the next time Cupid's Gate has a tournament I will be there. I only have one negative comment and this not really a big deal but I think the breaks between rounds should be shorter to speed up the shoot a little, but with that said if you ran it exactly the same I will be back next time and will do my best to bring some friends. Thanks to all for a great shoot.

Alan Eagleton


Myra K - if you are geniunely interested in learning more about archery, this is the way to go. the guys are great and generous in giving tips on how to improve, and they offer archery clinics for the public every Sat. afternoon ... for FREE. you can't beat that.

when i first started archery, i never know it can be this much fun; definitely one of the best gang to hang out and shoot.

References available upon request.


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