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Cupid's Gate Archery Training - Coaching Program

Introduction Course: If you are a beginner and do not have your own archery equipment yet, please read about our Introduction Course. This course is sufficient enough to provide you the necessary practical experience and information to start your competitive archery journey. It is over all a more affordable approach, however it would take more commitment from beginner students.

CGA Coaching Program is taught by our USA Archery certified coaches or instructors that focuses on individual athlete performance physiologically, mentally and technically in the sport of competitive Olympic recurve archery. The goal is to customize a shooting style based on the unique physical characteristics of the athlete, to develop mental preparedness under competitive pressure, and to provide the technical knowledge necessary to self tune archery equipment on regular basis.

CGA Coaching Program is suitable for any athletes ages 8 and up who wish to advance their basic skills and performance to a whole new level. You will be able to view your shooting form on film during the session. A copy of the film will also be emailed to you. We want to make this program as affordable and productive as possible, so there is no minimum attendance requirement, and we cap the group size at 3 participants per coach / instructor per session. Athletes can stay in the program for as long as they wish, however we do recommend a minimum of six 2-hour sessions (12 hours in total), to allow the athlete to mold into the customized shooting style, and to absorb and apply all the newly acquired knowledge.


$95 for each 1-hour coaching session - Olympic worthy archery equipment provided;

$180 for each 2-hour coaching session - Olympic worthy archery equipment provided;

$180 for each 2-hour session of personal Olympic style recurve bow tuning services;

$15 for each carbon arrow lost.

Note: Student cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a fee equivalent to the hours reserved for the lesson.




Saturday by Advance Appointment only.

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