Archery Summer Camp

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)

Summer Day Camp

We will not be hosting any summer camp until further notice.

Cupid's Gate Archery San Francisco 2019 JOAD Archery Summer Camp

is now accepting early enrollment.

The main objective of this camp is to teach the correct "NTS" shooting technique

(aka. National Training System) from day 1. Students will have lots of fun learning,

practicing, and earning awards through our JOAD Achievement Awards System. Real

archery skill will be taught. We teach only Olympic recurve style competitive archery.

Cupid's Gate Archery is an archery training school. This is not a baby sitting camp.


Fee for a 15 hours per week program (Monday to Friday,

3 hours per day, from 1 pm to 4 pm,

$485 per week per student.

Enrollment availability projection for each weekly program:

up to 6 beginner students per session.

Maximum number of weeks for this summer day camp program: 8 weeks.

Late enrollment fee of $50 will apply after 05/15/2018.

Other activities might be available but archery remains to be

the main focus. Adult program is also available. Adult will be

shooting on a separate target. Summer Day Camp location:

San Francisco or an indoor location south of Park Merced.

Late pickup fee: $15 for every 30 minutes or part thereof

starting 10 minutes after the end of each daily session.

Cupid's Gate Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) - San Francisco & Marin County