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Cupid's Gate Archery Lessons - Introduction Course

Introduction Course

Equipment rental is only available to athletes who successfully complete a 3 days of 1.5 hour introduction course taught by our USA Archery certified archery coaches. Our introduction course focuses on determining the physical ability of the athlete, the compatibility between the athlete and the equipment, the importance in selecting the correct equipment for maximum shooting accuracy, proper care of the equipment, and introducing National Training System (NTS) as the most bio-mechanically efficient shooting form currently being taught at the Olympic Training Center by USA Olympic head coach KiSik Lee. Important archery range safety rules and proper shooting techniques will be explained. All shooting during the course will be supervised. Tournament grade archery equipment and safety gear will be provided.

Athlete must be at least the age of 8. Athlete between age 8 and 11 must attend our physical and character evaluation session prior to the first introduction training session. The fee for this personal evaluation session is $80 (non-refundable). Adult athletes must sign a liability release document, and provide valid identification and emergency contact information. Athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one parent during lessons; the parent must sign a liability release document for the athlete and be able to provide valid identification as well.

Fee for three days of 1.5 hour INTRODUCTION COURSE (with tournament grade equipment provided): $450 per student

Equipment Selection Process

Equipment selection is a time consuming and complicated process. The following factors will determine the equipment selection process: The length of the arrow is generally determined by the length between the bow hand and the chin of the athlete. The physical ability of the athlete determines the draw weight of the bow. The draw weight of the bow and the length of the arrow determine the correct stiffness / spine of arrows that should be used (advanced). The full understanding of this triangular relationship is recommended before equipment purchases.

Equipment Range

Our rental equipment is state of the art in design, ranging from Samick to Hoyt. They are some of the best archery equipment in the world, and they are certainly Olympic and tournament worthy. We want to take the guess work ("Was it my performance or was it the equipment?") out of the equation of shooting, so that athletes can concentrate on their shooting style and skill development instead of worrying about equipment performance. Bow sight for aiming, arrows, and all the other standard items are included in the rental package.

Regular Rental Session (Post Introduction Course)

Once the required three days of 1.5 hour introduction course is completed, athletes may continue to rent the same equipment setup, or to change the setup by selecting a different bow weight, or move onto purchasing their own personalized set of equipment when the time and the reasoning is right. A session in reconfiguring a setup (bow tuning) is counted as a supervised two hour private lesson, because without the proper knowledge and training, it is often very time consuming and demands a lot of analytical skill and thinking.

We strongly recommend athletes to shoot with rental equipment for at least 12 days before purchasing any equipment. As most athletes' skill, strength and accuracy improve at an accelerated rate during this period of time, their ability to handle equipment with heavier draw weight also increases, and hence are able to shoot at longer distances. Any premature purchase would only lead to additional purchases as the athlete's ability advances.

As soon as the athlete's ability is stabilized and fixed at a certain draw weight, we recommend the purchase of a personalized set of equipment, which would allow the athlete to advance and to perform at the best of his or her ability.

Equipment Rental Fees

Regular Equipment Rental Session (after introduction course is completed)

2 hours equipment rental: $85

3 hours equipment rental: $120

4 hours equipment rental: $150

Although arrows are included in the rental package, athletes are responsible for any potential loss of arrows.

Cost for each missing carbon arrow: $10

Note: Student cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a fee equivalent to the hours reserved for the lesson.


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